Crewativity /krueɪˈtɪvəti/
(adj.) To create as a team:
We make our advertising with market-fresh crewativity.
Dazzrandulous /ˌdæzˈrændjʊləs/
(adj.) Solely describing AdLand, a place beyond dazzling, grand, and fabulous: 
AdLand is Ted’s dazzrandulous destination.
Elluciogical /ɪˈlusədɑˌʤɪkəl/
(adj.) To be well-thought-out and explainable:
One needs an elluciogical campaign to sell Goods ’n Services.
Tedventure /ˈtedventʃər/
(n.) A unique, Ted-like expedition:
Their most recent tedventure spanned four continents.
Underwinging /ˈʌndər̩wɪŋɪŋ/
(v.) To hire a creative and hardworking Ted—to give experience and receive ideas:
Have you thought about underwinging?